Growth Cores Potential

The programme "Growth Cores Potential" aims at making up-to-date research results of universities and research institutions faster available for regional companies.

There are many universities and research institutes in the New German Länder which have outstanding, up-to-date results with a high innovation potential at their disposal. However, regional companies often benefit little from this existing know-how as knowledge transfer from universities or research institutes to business is slow or even non-functioning. This is where GC Potential (German: WK Potenzial) comes into play.

The new programme is supposed to bridge the gap between fundamental research at universities and public research institutions on the one side and research and development in companies on the other side by speeding up the transfer of research results to the regional companies. Topical research results of universities and research institutions which show a high innovation and growth potential can thus be used for innovations and the succesful economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises in East Germany at an early stage.

GC Potential motivates scientists to further develop their research results in cooperation with regional companies and to explore the potential of these results to shape a regional platform technology. Joining the know-how of scientists and companies offers the possibility to develop products or services in the long run, that trigger new impulses for the partners involved as well as the region. 


With the new programme module, the BMBF wants to achieve that the latest research results from universities and research institutes which show a high innovation and growth potential are used for innovations and the successful economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises as early as possible. GC Potential is supposed to motivate researchers and entrepreneurs of a region to analyse research results with regard to their potential for the development of a platform technology. This platform technology should then be established within the framework of an industrial alliance between universities and/or research institutes and businesses in the region as quickly as possible.


Universities and public research institutes as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in the New German Länder which are based in the same region are entitled to apply.

Development Area

New German Länder

Importance of the Region

Only initiatives from the New German Länder whose functional connection is apparent are eligible for funding. Within the context of this programme, Länder are not seen as regions.



Application Process

Single-level: cooperation concept, expert evaluation

Funding within the framework of GC Potential does not automatically qualify an initiative for funding within the core module of the "Innovative Regional Growth Cores" programme later on.

Applicants are advised to contact the project management organisation before submitting their applications.

Application Deadline

No deadline, continuous application process

Duration of Funding

2 years at maximum

Kind of Funding

The programme supports projects dealing with basic research, industrial research and pre-competitive development. Construction measures and large-scale investments are not funded.

Within the cooperation alliance, scientists of a university or a research institute establish a platform technology together with up to five but a minimum of three small or medium-sized enterprises from their region. This platform technology is unique to the region, based on the latest research results of the university or the research institute and generated via a joint research or development project.

Project Management/Contact

Projektträger Jülich, Außenstelle Berlin




Contact Persons

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research

    • Referat 114 "Regionale Innovationsinitiativen; Neue Länder"
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    • D-10115 Berlin
    • Telephone: +49 30 18 57 - 5273
    • Fax: +49 30 18 57 - 85273
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  • Project Management Organisation PtJ

    • Fördermanagement Unternehmen Region
    • Zimmerstr. 26-27
    • D-10969 Berlin
    • Telephone: +49 30 2 01 99 - 4 82
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