Entrepreneurial Regions - The BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder

"Entrepreneurial Regions" stands for the building and expansion of special technological, scientific and economic competences in East German regions. Its goal is the sustainable transfer of these competences to innovations, economic growth and employment. The "Entrepreneurial Regions" development programmes therefore establish the basis for the creation of regional economic clusters.
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Topic List

  • Programme

    The BMBF Innovation Initiative "Entrepreneurial Regions" (German: Unternehmen Region) stands for innovation-oriented regional alliances which develop the region’s identified core competences to clusters on a high level and with strict market orientation. more
    (URL: http://www.unternehmen-region.de/en/6508.php)
  • "Entrepreneurial Regions" - The Initiatives

    Whether in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Saxony or Thuringia – "Entrepreneurial Regions" (German: Unternehmen Region) is active in all New German Länder. This is illustrated in the approach taken by "Entrepreneurial Regions": it is not important where the initiatives’ headquarters are located, but how they use their potentials and competences to strengthen their region's competitive ability. more
    (URL: http://www.unternehmen-region.de/en/6517.php)
  • Leading-edge Research and Innovation in the New German Länder - The Programme

    Capacity for innovation is a fundamental prerequisite for economic growth and employment. With its programme "Leading-edge Research and Innovation in the New German Länder" (German: Spitzenforschung und Innovation in den Neuen Ländern) the BMBF wants to sustainably strengthen this capacity for innovation and thus the economic potential of the New German Länder. more
    (URL: http://www.unternehmen-region.de/en/6391.php)